At Greenstove solutions We are passionate about providing you with the perfect heating solution for your home

We are an independent company, and have access to appliances from almost every manufacturer. We are confident that we can find just the right heating solution for you and your home, be it tall, sleek and ultra modern, or more traditional from a manufacturer still using time honoured castings.

As our name suggests, we believe that reliable, efficient solid fuel heating from renewable sources such as wood logs and wood pellets is the future.

Across the country, home-owners are choosing wood burning appliances as both an environmentally-friendly and practical way to cut their fuel bills and heat their homes.

When compared with traditional fuels, wood offers significantly lower costs – a wood burning stove is 25% cheaper to run than a gas fire, 43% cheaper than an oil fire, and 76% cheaper than an electric fire.

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The benefits to a homes carbon footprint can also be considerable. replacing a gas fire with a wood-burning stove can reduce the carbon footprint of an average house by 22%.

Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels that can be used. It is a renewable energy that is virtually carbon neutral. CO₂ is taken out of the atmosphere by growing trees at virtually the same quantity as is released by the combustion of logs.


One of the industries major developments continues to be wood pellets, they are a form of biomass fuel, Used in Europe since the early 1990’s and in some countries has overtaken fossil fuels such as gas and oil as the dominant fuel.
Wood Pellets are a completely renewable fuel produced from waste wood and wood sourced from well managed woodlands.

Heating appliances fuelled by wood and smokeless fuels however can be just as likely as gas appliances to cause carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. This may occur if appliances are incorrectly installed, become faulty due to lack of maintenance or if the chimney deteriorates.
It is therefore imperative that these appliances are installed, serviced and maintained by qualified, skilled companies such as Greenstove Solutions.


We offer a FREE survey and quotation service where we will come to your home and discuss what you would like and what we are able to create within your space. We will bring brochures and photos of previous work we have completed to help you decide.


When we come to install your burner we will take the utmost care of your home covering all floors and furniture. All work will be carried out sensitively to the rest of your home and we utilise dust extractors to minimise our presence.

Maintenance & Aftercare

We believe that our job does not end as soon as we have installed your new stove, We work in conjunction with some of the most reputable chimney sweeps in the area to ensure that your new stove continues to look as wonderful and operate as efficiently as the day you first lit it.

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